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World Champions

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The Tactical is Here!

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ERO (pronounced "Aero") Sports is the industry leader in Bike Fit and Aerodynamic testing. We're proud to have achieved that designation, and understand our goal is to help each athlete reach their potential whether they’re vying for an Olympic medal or a finisher’s medal.

Great athletic performances are born out of a combination of athleticism, desire, and opportunity. To help you achieve your goals, we use a combination of science, technology, and a bit of art to insure you get the most out of your body. Proper bio-mechanics provide both power and comfort, but beyond the most comprehensive bike fit you can imagine, you’ll also be instructed as to why you fit to a bike the way you do, and you’ll leave with an understanding of how your body works, and how small changes can bring about significant improvement.

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B. McNulty - World TT Champ

I just got done at the wind tunnel with my team and they said my position was spot on and I have some of the lowest drag numbers they've seen so I just wanted to thank you for being awesome at what you do and getting me set up so well!

Rafael Galvan

Can't say enough good things about Jim Manton. Prior to seeing Jim I couldn't stand being in aero on my TT bike for more than 30 min, first long ride after my fit with Jim and I comfortably pulled a 4hr ride. I was able to carry a higher power average by about 20 watts!

Anthony Ross

I've had the pleasure of having Jim fit 4 of my bikes. No one is better in my opinion. Jim never rushes and never beats around the bush about what will help you be faster as far as set up, helmet choice and clothing and the whole time is as pleasant of a fellow as you can find.

Ben Madrid

I had my fitting with Jim Manton today. Jim was GREAT! He took my position from tolerable to AMAZING. I am now comfortable and it feels like I am producing more power! Oh and the kicker is now I'm more Aero too! Who knew that and Aerodynamic position could be comfortable? Thank you so much Jim!!!

Rebecca McKee

Working with ERO was a fantastic experience, with epic results working with AMAZING guys! Really can't recommend them enough! Can't wait to see you guys again!

Danielle Lyons Turrentine

Jim Manton is not only an amazing bike fitter, but an amazing human as well. I can honestly say I felt like I was in company of a life long friend during my entire session. I just did 25 miles today after my fit and it felt like I was in a different body on a completely different bike. I can't give enough accolades to Jim!!!!

Carol Crawford

Jim is AMAZING! I didn't realize how off my fit was until he worked his magic... 2 Ironman's on the calendar and I'm feeling good thanks to Jim Manton at ERO. Highly recommend... In fact, getting bike #2 set up ASAP!

Our Staff

  • ERO So.California - Jim Manton
    The founder and owner of ERO Sports, Jim has been deemed "One of the best fitters in the world" by Road Bike Action magazine, and currently has 6 Elite UCI World Champions as his clients for 2017. Every year, articles in Velonews, Cyclingnews, BIkeRadar, Triathlete, Lava, and numerous other publications feature Jim as a leading expert in fitting and cycling aerodynamics. All ERO fitters are personally trained and overseen by Jim, and no one worldwide conducts more bike fits. Over 70% of Jim's fits are for t...
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  • ERO Pennsylvania - Missy Erickson

    Missy Erickson is the Head Fit Specialist and Aerodynamic Engineer at ERO Pennsylvania. Along with being a multi-time National Cycling Champion and member of the 2016 Olympic Long Team, she also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science. 

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