Premier Tactical

One of the most highly anticipated Triathlon bikes in many years is now here! The consumer direct Premier Tactical offers an amazing package at a price point no one has ever seen before. It's an independently tested super bike for half, or even a third, the price of other bikes, most of which aren't spec'd at the same level. Why are we excited about it? After all, we're not a dealer. Well, Ero Sports L.A. will be the only place west of the Mississippi where you can see and touch the Tactical for yourself. As a consumer direct brand, the Tactical cannot be found in any bike shop; it's purchased online and shipped directly to the buyer. Under an exclusive arrangement with Premier Bike, Ero Sports will have a Tactical in every size* inside our fit studio so potential buyers can be fit to the bike, pay Premier online, and take the bike home with them. Ero will not be a dealer, we will only facilitate your purchase of the bike and, get this, Premier will pay for your fit! Pretty cool, yes? The Tactical is $5500, which is an incredible, and I mean INCREDIBLE, deal. Here's what's included:

  1. Premier Tactical Triathlon Bike
  2. Shimano Ultegra Di2
  3. 88mm Carbon Clincher Front Wheel
  4. Carbon Clincher Disc Rear Wheel
  5. Pioneer Power Meter
  6. Rear Storage
  7. Hard Travel Case (even people without a Tactical want this case)
  8. Low Friction Chain (super low friction which lasts the lifetime of the chain, not just 200 miles)
  9. 5 Year Warranty

Seriously, there's no catch here. You really get all that for the listed price. No hidden costs. It's that great of a deal. Heck, I think there's even Continental GP4000s tires on the thing.

Now, before you go thinking this is some cheap knock-off bike, think again. This is an original design with the highest quality manufacturing any bike company can provide. You see, Premier's owner, Dan Kennison, has a long history of manufacturing products in Taiwan and Asia, so he had all the infrastructure he needed in place to pull this off. The frame, aero bars, storage...everything is original design made by the very best facilities in Asia (Taiwan, to be exact). The quality of this bike rivals anything else out there. Beyond that, this thing is super fast. It's aerodynamics have been independently tested twice, and this bike is proven to be one of the most aerodynamic bikes in the world. More information about the aero testing is below. It's worth reading.

This is obviously not something we've agreed to do before with other brands, so why is Ero doing it now for Premier? Well, read on and you'll understand our connection to the Premier brand and it's owner, Dan Kennison.

Pioneer Power Meter

In October of 2016, Dan Kennison contacted me and stated he had a new bike he wanted independently tested for aerodynamics. I'll be honest, I get similar calls and emails all the time mostly for what we call "vaporware" which are products that never see the light of day. Almost all of these requests want Ero to somehow back the product because we're a trusted and independent name in the industry. Few are willing to pay, and fewer still want a truly independent test. Everyone wants something for free. None of this was true of Dan. He had a prototype ready to go, he wanted a completely objective test against an industry-leading product, and he was going to publish the results no matter what they were. In other words, if his bike was slow, the world would know it. That, my friends, is transparency you never see, and it certainly got my attention.

For two days, I controlled the testing of the Tactical at both the San Diego Wind Tunnel and on the velodrome using Alphamantis aero testing technology. The bike it was pitted against, the Felt IA10, is similarly priced and a proven aero design. I consider it, based on price and fit range, to be one of the greatest Tri bikes ever made. The Tactical proved to be better. Incredibly aero, highly adjustable, and impeccably spec'd. Note that the same wheels were used on both bikes, so this wasn't an unfair test. Or, really, it WAS unfair to the Tactical. Using the wheels we did actually slowed the Tactical down compared to how it comes to the consumer. The bike was fast and earned instant acclaim, including from Slowtwitch's own, Dan Empfield, in an article he wrote on the Tactical. Mr. Empfield does not give out praise lightly, so read carefully what he has to say about Dan Kennison and the Tactical, "Dan has treated this bike as if it was his mortal soul, working it out with that kind of care. I have never in 30 years in this business seen anyone spend so much painstaking time working out the details of a bike."

Integrated Front Brake

That was not the end of the Tactical aero story. A few months back, a handful of age group athletes, somewhat skeptical of all the new bike designs coming out, decide to crowdsource an independent wind tunnel test of their own. The Cervelo P5 and P5X, the Ventum One, Diamondback Andean, and Premier Tactical were all included in the testing. All the new big boys on the block. Guess what, the Tactical kicked some serious butt. While the Cervelos were ever-so-slightly ahead of everyone else, the Tactical showed it was right there with them, and better than the rest. Again, however, the Tactical was not tested as it comes to the consumer with a rear disc and 88mm front wheel. Had it been tested that way, it would've destroy every bike in the test. The obvious question was then, "Why spend $10,000 - $15,000 on a bike that's out-performed by a $5,500 bike?" Why, indeed.

Beyond a great bike, the owner of Premier Bike, Dan Kennison, is just a really good guy. Everyone in the industry who's met the man has instantly liked him and his passion for this new endeavor. This bike exists for that very reason. A nice guy, with the ability to do so, created a tool for the masses when he saw that bikes were over-priced and out of reach for the average athlete. Could he charge more? Yep, and he'd get it, too. But, he wants as many people as possible to have the ability to compete with the best equipment. In the end, that's really why I'm allowing this bike inside Ero. The man behind this bike is someone I've quickly come to respect. His passion is never-ending and contagious; he truly wants his customers to love their bikes. From everything I've seen, they will.

If you'd like a Premier Tactical for yourself, simply schedule a Pre-Purchase Bike Fit and we'll take care of the rest.

*Subject to Availability. The first batch sold out quick, but we'll initially have two Mediums.