Leading the Way

Leading the Way

Ero Sports is the industry leader in aerodynamic testing

In 2012, the aero landscape changed forever with the introduction of the Alphamantis Track Aero System and the ability to measure aerodynamics in real time as an athlete rides their bike. In other words, we brought the wind tunnel in to the real world. We became the exclusive user of the system in North America and changed our name from Finalfit to Ero (aero) Sports. With more affordable testing now available, aero information, previously reserved for those who could afford wind tunnel time, was now available to virtually anyone.

Since then, Ero Sports has become an industry leader in aero testing both athletes and products. Our independent testing has brought new knowledge for proper aero positioning and the use of equipment. Some of that knowledge we share on our Ero Insight blog, but we bring everything we learn into every fit we conduct, and continue to advance our understanding with on-going testing. Any athlete who wants to be faster, who is looking for more speed with less effort, and who doesn't want to be giving up watts to their opponents, can benefit from our Aero Test Services. Ero Sports, in partnership with Alphamantis , VELO Sports Center in Los Angeles, and the Mattamy Velodrome in Canada, offer aero testing using TAS exclusively in North America. It's easy, affordable, fun, and an incredible learning experience. We're shedding several minutes off the times of the best...imagine what we could do for you. 

Ero also completes a good deal of testing at the San Diego Wind Tunnel; the gold standard for wind tunnels. Professional cyclists and triathletes, and manufacturers from around the world, all trust Ero to conduct their aero tests with sound protocols and complete objectivity. They trust our experience, and know Ero's reputation in the industry means results consumers will believe. If Ero says it's aero...it's aero.

For 2017, no less than 7 Elite UCI World Champions use Ero Sports for their fit and aero testing needs. There is no one, anywhere, that can make that claim. We love what we do, we learn from every fit and aero test we conduct, and we're ready to help you achieve your goals!

Product Testing

Ero Sports offers affordable product testing for manufacturers of all sizes. Our reputation for releasing data consumers trust is unique in the cycling and multi-sport communities. Companies like Giro, Louis Garneau, and Felt have found that using Ero for their testing needs increases sales of their products because of the confidence consumers place in our testing protocols and experience. Our online presence serves to compliment and bolster marketing campaigns for new and existing products. The public's knowledge of aerodynamics has grown, but with it, so has distrust when it comes to aerodynamic data released by manufacturers. That trust is restored when Ero conducts the testing and releases the data either publicly, or through the manufacturer.

Ero Sports conducts product testing both in the wind tunnel in San Diego, and velodrome using Alphamanits technology either in Los Angeles or Canada. For more information, contact us at 855-243-8376, or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Aero Testing Services