One of the most popular services we offer is our Pre-Purchase bike fit. For those who want to know which bikes fit them before they buy, and this is really essential for Tri bikes, the Pre-Purchase fit allows you to avoid the very costly mistake of buying a bike that just simply doesn't fit you. This is becoming more and more important as bicycle retail moves into a consumer direct model selling bikes direct to you from their web site. The most anticipated brand is Canyon. Now that Canyon is live here in the US and North America, the entire retail landscape will begin to change. Ero is ready to help.

"'s important to know your fit coordinates before you buy. This insures you buy the correct size, and have the correct componentry installed when your new bike arrives."

Buying the Right Bike - Canyon and Other Online Brands

When you order a bike online, it's important to know your fit coordinates before you buy. This insures you buy the correct size, and have the correct componentry installed when your new bike arrives. Ero assists by first finding your fit coordinates during your Pre-Purchase Fit completely without bias using our adjustable fit bike. We're not a traditional bike retailer, so we have no dog in the hunt. We simply want what's best for you. Once we have the fit coordinates, we provide a list of bikes that fit you, and help you choose the best bikes that fit your needs and budget. This is not, however, where the service ends. Once you have your bike, we fit it to you making sure the fit coordinates match up so your position is optimal and you're ready to ride at your best. Still, we felt there was one more area that needed to be addressed.

Canyon Speedmax
Canyon Speedmax

One of the more intimidating aspects of buying online is building the bike after it arrives at your home. Most of you don't own the proper tools necessary to build a bike, including torque wrenches to insure your bike is safely assembled. For a small add-on fee, Ero will build your bike before we fit it to you. We're going to be working on it during the fit process anyway, so we figure there's no reason to charge you some outrageous price just so you can be sure everything is properly safe and secure. Just bring the box to us, we'll do the work for you. The build fees range from $25 - $50 depending on brands and how much work there might be in building the bikes. Canyon, for instance, is a $25 fee. A small price for piece of mind. If you have any questions about build pricing, please feel free to ask via phone or email, and we'll be happy to help.

Working with Premier Bike and Other Bike Manufacturers

Our work in the industry puts us in touch with virtually every manufacturer, which allows us to forge partnerships that we use for our client's benefit. A great example is our relationship with Premier Bike. Haven't heard of Premier? You will. They're offering one of the most advanced and independently proven fastest bikes in the world for half the price (sometimes 1/3) of their competitors. We first came into contact with Premier when they hired us to aero test their Tactical Triathlon Bike. Premier wanted independent verification of the bike's aerodynamics, and was going to publish the data no matter what the result. In other words, if their bike wasn't fast, the whole world would know it. Well, as you can guess, it was fast, and has proven itself to be one of the fastest bikes in the world in a much publicized public test. Like Canyon and other consumer direct brands, we're happy to build your Tactical for you as part of your Pre-Purchase Fit process, but Premier is taking things a step further for you. First, you won't pay us for building the Premier...they'll pay us to do it for you. Nice, huh? Oh, but there's more! Premier understands it's hard to buy a bike sight unseen, so they're actually going to put a bike in every size inside Ero so you can see it, touch it, and make sure it fits you in person! Now, we're not going to be a dealer for Premier. They just want the consumer to know what they're getting, and we really love their vision of providing a "Super Bike" at a cost more people can afford, so we're happy to help both them, and you, out. Nice.

Premier Tactical
Premier tactical

"Premier understands it's hard to buy a bike sight unseen, so they're actually going to put a bike in every size inside Ero so you can see it, touch it, and make sure it fits you in person!"


Do it Right the First Time

No matter what brand of bike you choose, consumer direct or traditional brick and mortar, knowing your fit coordinates from an independent and trusted source is key to making sure you spend your money wisely. Ero set the standard for Pre-Purchase Fits many years ago, and the rest of the industry is finally following our lead. While everyone else wants you to buy what they have, we simply want you to buy what's best for you. We take the risk out of buying a bike that's wrong for you, and make the process fun and easy.

Our fit process is very dynamic, and one that's been developed over several years. We don't believe in taking measurements and then relying on math equations, or packaged software, to tell us how a person should fit to a bike, nor do we believe that every person should be fit to their bike exactly the same way. We believe the human body works within certain bio-mechanical parameters and wants to work properly. Its an amazing machine - adaptive to a degree with its skeletal structure, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, all able to perform well within ranges of motion. There is no one saddle height that's correct, no specific measurement for handlebar reach or height, no single cleat position for every foot. Rather, there are "ranges" we work within to place our clients properly based on their individual needs, abilities, physical history, body makeup, and goals.

We believe bike fit should be a combination of science, technology, and art. Science tells us how the body works, technology is utilized to make sure the body is performing correctly, and the art of bike fit comes from the ability to communicate, instruct, and understand that sometimes the "rules" have to be broken, or at least bent a little, to allow for the uniqueness of each client. The art of bike fit cannot be taught - only experience can turn a bike fitter into an artisan.

During the fit process, there are a few things that are important to us besides providing you with a great fit. It should be a fun and educating process - you're paying us a lot of money to take care of you, and we want you to enjoy the experience. Ero is unique for many reasons: Our experience, technology, and results are certainly noteworthy, and likely the main reasons people seek us out; however, it's the interaction with our customers that seems to stand out just as much as the fits themselves. It's what turns a good fit into a great one!

Dynamic Fitting

The term "Dynamic Fitting" has become popular of late. We're excited to hear that, because we have always believed in, and conducted, dynamic fits, and now the rest of the bicycle world is figuring it out too! By dynamic, we mean that a fitting should take place while you're on the bike and pedaling. We gather your ride data while you're riding, and in 3D, which is far more accurate than a static measurement using tools like a tape measure, plumb bob, or even video analysis. To us, Dynamic also means complete interaction between the fitter and the client, allowing for a bit of diversity based on body make-up, history of injuries, goals, and type of riding you may want to do. Again, you are a unique individual, and should be treated as such during your session.

A Fit should be fun!

Injuries, Pain, & Discomfort

Injuries and Pain. At ERO, we enjoy quite the reputation for helping cyclists who are experiencing pain, numbness, or discomfort on their bikes. In order to provide such help, a fitter must be able to understand the client's history with a particular issue, identify the causation, and develop a strategy for successfully correcting the fit issue contributing to the problem. Through anatomical and physiological education, study of issues relating specifically to cycling, and experience, our clients have come to trust that they're in safe hands when they bring pain or discomfort issues to us.

Some of the most common pain and discomfort issues are knee pain, lower back pain, hand numbness, foot numbness, and hot feet. When the cause of such issues is determined to be fit-related, there are usually some very straightforward and positive steps we can take to relieve the symptoms and keep them from becoming chronic.

Saddle discomfort is another biggie. Issues with saddles can be both fit and saddle related. Fit has a lot to do with how you sit on a saddle, and how your weight is distributed across the saddle. For instance, pain or numbness can occur if you have too much weight on the front of the saddle, usually due to (but not solely limited to) improper reach or fore/aft position. Saddle shape, size, and padding can also create, or cure, discomfort. Typically, its a combination of both fit and saddle choice that makes for a happy cyclist, and our job is to help you find both.

Everything explained in detail so you understand your fit

It's not about sales, it's about you!

We don't believe bike fit should be about selling products.  We are not traditional retailers; yes we have stems, saddles, and limited fit-related products we need to complete the service, but we otherwise have nothing to sell you.  There are a lot of people and shops conducting bike fits these days. Some are better than others, very few devote themselves solely to bike fitting. Manufacturers, in an attempt to use bike fitting as a sales tool, have now begun placing fit systems in stores. They give their systems a cool name, provide a handful of employees at the shop a couple of days training, and then pronounce them "Expert" or even "Master" fitters. For the consumer, this can be confusing - who do you trust to provide you with the best fit possible? The answers aren't always clear, and we certainly don't claim to be the only bike fitter around capable of providing this type of service.

However, it's a very concerning trend that bike fit is now being viewed as means of selling product to customers, and the lack of knowledge and experience by the fitters in shops is resulting in some poor positions and recommendations of bikes and related products.  Bike fit should be about comfort, power, and proper bio-mechanics.  It should most certainly not be about how much a bike shop can sell you!  Don't be fooled by pretty bells and whistles.  Marketing does not make a good bike fit.

Keep the following in mind: Many of the fit "systems" you see in bike shops these days, especially those centered around a particular manufacturer, simply tell an inexperienced salesperson what bike, currently on the sales floor, will fit, or come close enough to fitting, whomever they're trying to sell a bike to at any particular moment. It's not necessarily the best bike for you, it's just what they need to sell. Cycling shoes, saddles, handlebars, etc., not surprisingly made by the manufacturer the salesperson is representing, are also sold this way. Even when the products are quite good, and we frequently recommend them to our customers, we feel this type of marketing is just wrong, and does a dis-service to anyone looking to enjoy this great sport. As we like to point out: It's hard to buy a bad bike these days, but it's easy to buy a bike that's bad for you.

We make sure you get a bike that's not only great, but perfect for you and your cycling needs. It's not about up-selling, it's about making sure you spend your money wisely and get the most out of your investment. Because of our unique business model, there's no benefit to us recommending any particular brand of bike or bike part - we simply want the best for you.

ERO Sports is the most advanced fit studio in the world...period.  We employ the latest and best technology for bike fitting, including the exclusive use of the Alphamantis TAS (Track Aero System).  Our position as one of the leading and most sought after fitters in the industry enables us to see & test most products and technologies long before they come to market.  Some meet our expectations, a small few even exceed them sometimes, but we have to admit that most are simply smoke and mirrors, and we discard them as such.   There are two important details we'd like to point out to you, our client.

  1. The fit devices we employ are the very best - we have the ability to use any and every tool available, so what we choose is the best there is, and not just flashy marketing gadgets to sell you a more expensive bike.
  2. We could have all the tech in the world, but it would mean nothing for you if we didn't know how to use it, or if we relied on it solely to tell you how you should fit to your bike.

In the end, bike fitting is exactly what we've always claimed: a combination of science, technology, and art.  With that made clear, here is what we use to assist us with our fittings:

TAS (Track Aero System)

You will see this technology no where else in the US.  Only ERO is able to measure your aerodynamic efficiency while you ride your bike.  It is the ultimate in position optimization, and we have an exclusive agreement with the developer of the tech, Alphamantis.

Alphamantis LogoTAS measures your CdA (Coefficient of Drag) in real time, and broadcasts it back to us while you're riding.  We know immediately if changes in your position, equipment, or even clothing are having a positive or negative effect on your drag, and we can alter any of those variables to insure you're as fast as possible while still able to produce power and maintain your position comfortably.

It took over 15,000 man hours and a lot of money to develop TAS, and while normally this type of groundbreaking tech would be reserved only for the elite, we bring it to athletes of all levels seeking to be the absolute best athlete they can be.

Retül 3D Motion Capture Technology

Retul LogoThe Retül 3D Motion Capture System is the most advanced bio-mechanic fitting tool in the industry. Retül is a combination of advanced motion capture hardware, mated to cycling-specific fitting software, which combine to provide a clinical-level measurement of your position as you ride. The data provided by a Retül analysis is accurate to under a millimeter, and allows us to examine your position dynamically – the exact bio-mechanics of your pedal stroke can be seen, analyzed, and any need for position change is quickly identified.

Retül utilizes infra-red LED body markers, placed on 8 specific anatomical positions, to detect your exact body movement as you ride. A sensor tracks the markers automatically and samples your position every 2.1 milliseconds, or 476 times per second! The optical, or video, system we used in the past was not nearly as accurate, nor could it sample at anywhere near the rate topping out at 60 frames per second. The advancement Retül provides to our services is honestly too difficult to extol in just a few short paragraphs, but just know this:  Retül's technology comes not from sports, but from the world of surgical medicine. It's about precision, not estimating.  We know exactly how you fit, how you pedal, and what changes can be made to make you more efficient, comfortable, and faster.

Retül Müve Dynamic Fit Bike

Retul Muve Fit BikeWe've used a lot of different fit bikes over the years - some better than others.  Whether the Guru DFU, Exit, Purely Custom, or even our old trusty Waterford, all are only as good as the fitter utilizing them.  The Müve is the best of them all, and we like it a lot.  It allows us to move the athlete more dynamically than the older fit bikes, but allows for a less clinical feel than some others. We feel it's the best blend of what a good fit bike should be.


A quick note: Fit bikes are becoming all the rage, but most fitters fail to understand their limitations.  Simply moving the bike underneath you while you pedal will not allow the proper pelvic rotation necessary to attain your best fit.  Be very wary of any fitter who does not understand this crucial part of bike fit!

Video Capture

While our video capture cannot match the accuracy of our Retul system, it does continue to provide us a valuable tool used to gain further insight into your fit, and also supplies us with a resource we can utilize for educational purposes (read: we can show you how poorly you fit to your bike before we make changes!).  We deployed video capture before anyone on the west coast, and while we've seen many such systems appear in the last several years, no one matches the experience we have with such systems - we know the possibilities and the limitations.  It's a great tool, but it has no where near the measuring capabilities actual Motion Capture provides.

Other Tools

There are other cool tools and tech we utilize.  Power meters, Pulse Oximeters, and even the indispensable level (electronic, of course) and tape measure.  These, and everything listed above, are not used as mallets to force you into a generic position - they're more like paint brushes which guide you into your best position.