The following is what you'll need to bring to your fit session.   You should think of your fit session as a workout, because you'll spend quite a bit of time "riding" on a stationary trainer and likely riding outside as well if possible.  Come ready!


    • Your Bike
    • Cycling Clothing as if you're going for a ride (because you are!) Note: Sleeveless jerseys are great. If not, Tech T's work well, too
    • Cycling Shoes
    • Helmet
    • Water Bottle
    • Anything else you would typically bring on a ride (flat repair, cell phone, ID, etc.)

Please do NOT apply lotion or sunscreen prior to your fit.  The dots for our motion capture system will not stick to your skin if you do!


Additional Charges - Bike Fits commonly result in the following additional costs your should be aware of:

  • Stems - The majority of fits result in a stem change.  We do not offer stems for sale, but  they are sold on site by VELO Sports Center.
  • Saddles - Changing your saddle is often a welcome addition to your bike fit.  We have demos of Specialized, Cobb, and Fizik saddles in the studio, and select brands are sold on site by VELO Sports Center.
  • Wedges - one of the most common changes we make during a fit are the installation of wedges under your cleats; this is also one of the largest benefits many people see from their fit.  Wedges, no matter how many we may have to use, are a $15 add-on to the price of your fit.
  • Shims - Leg-length Discrepancy's that require shimming are rare, but possible none-the-less.  Shims are a $20 add-on no matter how many we have to install.

Also, while we love children, the ERO studio is perhaps not the best place for them.  Fit sessions last up to three hours, and there's lots of high-priced equipment for them to break; we're guessing you don't want to replace a $20K fit system!