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Aero Tested - Speedplay Zero Aero Pedals

Before we get started, let me make a confession to all of you. I’m a huge fan of Speedplay pedals. I’ve been using them on my bikes since their inception in 1992, and still use X Series pedals today. At ERO, it’s quite common to recommend Speedplay to our clients, though we don’t sell them (maybe we should!). I’ve been interested in testing the Speedplay Zero Aero pedal since it’s unveiling, but testing the aerodynamics of the foot/shoe/pedal interface is not an easy task. I’ll explain the challenge below, but if you really don’t care about such things, scroll down a few paragraphs to see the results of our testing.

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Test: TriRig Omega X Brake

For those who pay attention to aerodynamics in cycling (and everyone should), the TriRig Omega X brake has become a common upgrade. Even if you don't know exactly what an Omega X is, you'll likely recognize it once you see it in a photo because, it's so widely popular, you've seen it on others bikes without knowing it. TriRig claims a 2 watt aero savings for their Omega X over a Shimano Dura-Ace brake, and it sells for about $185 per brake. That's a pretty steep price, but as you'll read below, we've found the aero savings to be far greater than what the manufacturer claims (a rareity), and would argue the brakes are a smoking deal. In case you don't know what aero savings in terms of wattage mean, we've broken it down into time saved in our charts below.

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