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ERO Sports is the most advanced fit studio in the world...period.  We employ the latest and best technology for bike fitting, including the exclusive use of the Alphamantis TAS (Track Aero System).  Our position as one of the leading and most sought after fitters in the industry enables us to see & test most products and technologies long before they come to market.  Some meet our expectations, a small few even exceed them sometimes, but we have to admit that most are simply smoke and mirrors, and we discard them as such.   There are two important details we'd like to point out to you, our client.

  1. The fit devices we employ are the very best - we have the ability to use any and every tool available, so what we choose is the best there is, and not just flashy marketing gadgets to sell you a more expensive bike.
  2. We could have all the tech in the world, but it would mean nothing for you if we didn't know how to use it, or if we relied on it solely to tell you how you should fit to your bike.

In the end, bike fitting is exactly what we've always claimed: a combination of science, technology, and art.  With that made clear, here is what we use to assist us with our fittings:

TAS (Track Aero System)

You will see this technology no where else in the US.  Only ERO is able to measure your aerodynamic efficiency while you ride your bike.  It is the ultimate in position optimization, and we have an exclusive agreement with the developer of the tech, Alphamantis.

TAS measures your CdA (Coefficient of Drag) in real time, and broadcasts it back to us while you're riding.  We know immediately if changes in your position, equipment, or even clothing are having a positive or negative effect on your drag, and we can alter any of those variables to insure you're as fast as possible while still able to produce power and maintain your position comfortably.

It took over 15,000 man hours and a lot of money to develop TAS, and while normally this type of groundbreaking tech would be reserved only for the elite, we bring it to athletes of all levels seeking to be the absolute best athlete they can be.

Retül 3D Motion Capture Technology

The Retül 3D Motion Capture System is the most advanced bio-mechanic fitting tool in the industry. Retül is a combination of advanced motion capture hardware, mated to cycling-specific fitting software, which combine to provide a clinical-level measurement of your position as you ride. The data provided by a Retül analysis is accurate to under a millimeter, and allows us to examine your position dynamically – the exact bio-mechanics of your pedal stroke can be seen, analyzed, and any need for position change is quickly identified.

Retül utilizes infra-red LED body markers, placed on 8 specific anatomical positions, to detect your exact body movement as you ride. A sensor tracks the markers automatically and samples your position every 2.1 milliseconds, or 476 times per second! The optical, or video, system we used in the past was not nearly as accurate, nor could it sample at anywhere near the rate topping out at 60 frames per second. The advancement Retül provides to our services is honestly too difficult to extol in just a few short paragraphs, but just know this:  Retül's technology comes not from sports, but from the world of surgical medicine. It's about precision, not estimating.  We know exactly how you fit, how you pedal, and what changes can be made to make you more efficient, comfortable, and faster.

Retül Müve Dynamic Fit Bike

We've used a lot of different fit bikes over the years - some better than others.  Whether the Guru DFU, Exit, Purely Custom, or even our old trusty Waterford, all are only as good as the fitter utilizing them.  The Müve is the best of them all, and we like it a lot.  It allows us to move the athlete more dynamically than the older fit bikes, but allows for a less clinical feel than some others. We feel it's the best blend of what a good fit bike should be.


A quick note: Fit bikes are becoming all the rage, but most fitters fail to understand their limitations.  Simply moving the bike underneath you while you pedal will not allow the proper pelvic rotation necessary to attain your best fit.  Be very wary of any fitter who does not understand this crucial part of bike fit!

Video Capture

While our video capture cannot match the accuracy of our Retul system, it does continue to provide us a valuable tool used to gain further insight into your fit, and also supplies us with a resource we can utilize for educational purposes (read: we can show you how poorly you fit to your bike before we make changes!).  We deployed video capture before anyone on the west coast, and while we've seen many such systems appear in the last several years, no one matches the experience we have with such systems - we know the possibilities and the limitations.  It's a great tool, but it has no where near the measuring capabilities actual Motion Capture provides.

Other Tools

There are other cool tools and tech we utilize.  Power meters, Pulse Oximeters, and even the indispensable level (electronic, of course) and tape measure.  These, and everything listed above, are not used as mallets to force you into a generic position - they're more like paint brushes which guide you into your best position.

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