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ERO Insight is our remote Bike Fitting, or Position Coaching, service for those who live too far from either of our locations to be fit in person, but still wish to take advantage of our experience and expertise. After thousands of bike fits over nearly 15 years, few fitters have found the success of ERO. We count amongst our clients over 20 Elite World Champions, Dozens of National Champions, and countless Age Group Champions. We've used motion capture long before virtually anyone else, analyzed all the data collected from the 3D motion captures of every client, and created ERO Insight as a unique fit system allowing us to provide the same quality of service online we offer in our fit studio.

The Position Coaching will be performed by me, Jim Manton, owner of ERO Sports. I have two options for you based on your needs. Each service involves video capture and analyzation, and include multiple "sessions." Following specific guidelines I provide, you take video captures of your position from 2 or more distinct angles and send them to me for review. I analyze them with specialized software to measure your specific biomechanics, and create an action list of position adjustments for improved comfort and performance. Each set of captures with subsequent review and recommendations constitute a session.

We can use Insight to fit any type of bike: Road, Gravel, Triathlon, Time Trial, Mountain Bike, Track. All can be fit with our system.

Why are am I doing this? Well, it's pretty simple. It's very hard, apparently, to get a good bike fit. There are a lot of people doing bike fits out there, but based on poor results constantly being posted online by people who are uncomfortable on their bikes, and the equally poor advice they receive as feedback on forums, I began helping athletes remotely and found great success while developing a process which allowed them to find their optimal positions. It worked so well, I decided to offer it as an official service for those who live too far from either of the ERO fit studios (don't forget Missy in Pennsylvania is awesome!), or even for those who live nearby but don't want to drive to Carson.

Basic Insight - $175


    1. Three Video Capture Sessions. With each session, videos are recorded and sent to ERO for evaluation. After analyzation, an Action List is created recommending changes to your position.
    2. Detailed instructions for video capture, proper measurement of bike, and how to make mechanical changes to your bike/equipment are provided.
    3. An Adjustable Fit Stem may be sent to the client for position changes.*
    4. One 15-30 minute phone call consultation.
    5. Online Storage of files including measurements for future review.
    6. Additional Sessions at $50 ea.

Advanced Insight - $275

For those looking for more of a one-on-one experience, we offer an enhanced online experience with live capture, consultation, and adjustment. The Advanced session includes a live online session via Skype and, specific fit equipment we send to you to facilitate the process. For instance, for bikes with traditional stem set-ups, an adjustable fit stem will be sent to the client prior to the live session allowing for semi-dynamic fit adjustments. The entire service includes multiple sessions and follow-ups.


    1. Initial video capture and analyzation session. Videos are recorded and sent to ERO for evaluation. After analyzation, and Action List is created recommending changes to your position.
    2. Live one hour online session including video capture and analyzation, consultation, and recommendations for further position adjustments. When applicable, this will involve the use of an adjustable fit stem provided by ERO prior to the session.
    3. Detailed instructions for video capture, proper measurement of bike, and how to make mechanical changes to your bike/equipment are provided.
    4. Two additional offline sessions including video capture, analyzation, and recommendations.
    5. Two 15-30 minute phone call consultations.
    6. Online storage of fit files for future review.
    7. Additional Sessions at $50 ea.
Both services include instructions and a questionnaire to prepare you for your fit. Based on your answers, additional prep work may be necessary.

What you'll need:
    1. Video - Current smart phones offer excellent quality HD videos, even in slow motion, and can be used for our intended purpose.
    2. Stationary trainer. Also, enough room from the side and front to allow proper distance from your camera to include you and your entire bike in the video capture.

We'll Provide:
    1. Tripod for proper phone set up.
    2. Adjustable Stem.*
    3. Metric Tape Measurer.
    4. Detailed Instructions.
    5. A personal Dropbox folder for video/file upload & download.
    6. The best online fit you'll find!

Aero Insight - $150

If what you're looking for is more about aerodynamic refinement and not a full bike fit, our Aero Consultation service is what you want. ERO has spent thousands of hours aero testing both on the track and in the wind tunnel. Few people in the world have more expeirence helping athletes lower their drag, and now everyone can enjoy the fruits of all that work.

Like our fit services, we analyze position videos you take from specific angles, and make recommendations for possible aeras of improvement. This covers not only position, but equipment as well. Bike, Aero Bars, Components, Helmets, and Clothing are all covered.

*Adjustable Stem is an additional fee for the Basic Position Coaching, and included with the Advanced Position Coaching service. A fully refundable deposit is required.

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