Time Trial Fit

Time Trial Fit

When the clock is your enemy, we're your best friend. No less than 11 Elite World Time Trial Championships have been won by ERO clients. From Age Groupers to Olympic Champions, ERO has found unparalleled success finding our client's most powerful and aerodynamic positions. There is simply no one with more aero positioning experience.

Whether your Time Trial position is bound by UCI guidelines, or you're just looking to do your best at your local TT, ERO starts by finding exactly how your body works biomechanically. What makes you powerful? It's our job to find that out.

Aero Knowledge Put to Good Use

With all the aero testing we conduct on both pro athletes and age-groupers, we've gained unequaled knowledge about what is, and isn't, aerodynamic.  It's true that much of what works aerodynamically is quite individual and needs to be tested, but there's still quite a bit we know to be universal when it comes to helping our clients get faster.  We can't help but bring this insight into the fit studio, and our clients are the benefactors as they receive TT-specific fittings which go beyond what anyone else can offer. Combined with our knowledge of fitting, you achieve a powerful, aerodynamic, and comfortable position.

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