Aero Testing for Everyone

We bring the most advanced aerodynamic testing in the world to any athlete who wants to be faster, who is looking for more speed with less effort, and who doesn't want to be giving up watts to their opponents!  It's easy, affordable, fun, and an incredible learning experience.

ERO is proud to be the aero testing home of some of the best athletes in the world, but we're even more excited to bring this type of service to age group athletes of all levels.  No longer is this type of testing for the elite; it's for anyone who wishes to be faster and get every ounce of speed they can for all the training they complete.  We're shedding several minutes off the times of the best...imagine what we could do for you.

Our Aero Testing utilizes an industry-changing technology, the Track Aero System, which allows us to measure your aerodynamic efficiency in real time as you ride your bike.  In other words...we've brought the wind tunnel in the real world.  This groundbreaking system, developed by leading aerodynamicists and software engineers at Alphamantis Technologies in Montreal, allows us to measure your CdA (Coefficient of Drag) as you ride, and gives us the ability to conclusively define the optimal formula for your bike, your position, and your equipment.  ERO, in partnership with Alphamantis and the VELO Sports Center, bring you this technology exclusively in North America.

The Aero Test service begins with the use of Retul's 3D Motion Capture technology to analyze your position and identify areas of possible improvement, or define the bio-mechanical limits to the positional changes under consideration.  Once completed, we begin with a baseline measurement of your CdA utilizing the TAS, and then work to improve your position and/or equipment to achieve the lowest possible drag coefficient while maintaining a proper bio-mechanical position.  Only the TAS can provide this type of optimization.  Only ERO can help you achieve the ultimate optimization of your bike and position.