ERO Dynamic

A combination of Bike Fit & Aero Test, ERO Dynamic allows you to identify your most efficient and aerodynamic position with our exclusive Aerolab outdoor aero sensor and TriRig Omni bikes.

What is It?


In partnership with TriRig, ERO Dynamic is the most advanced bike fit found anywhere. Offering the ability to definitively identify your best aero position, this service begins with our signature bike fit, and then allows you to quickly evaluate different positions to determine which is most comfortable, most aero, or both while riding one of the most advanced bikes ever made, the TriRig Omni. Our Omni's are equipped with TriRig Alpha One Aero Bars, which effectively turns the them into rolling fit bikes. Adjustments can be made in seconds, making testing both easier and more accurate.

Beyond position, it also allows you to test aero helmets, clothing, or anything else not related to your bike. Here's how it works...

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The Most Advanced Fit in the World

Retul, TriRig, and AeroLab

Phase One

The service begins with a bike fit at our Orange County, CA Fit Studio. During the fit, we use our Dynamic Fit Bike and Retul 3D Motion Capture to identify several possible positions to test for aerodynamics and comfort. Once we have fit coordinates measured, we set up one of our TriRig Omni bikes to match the position we wish to test first.

Why use an Omni versus the client's bike? As most of you know, many modern TT/Tri bike's integration makes position changes difficult and very time consuming. As anyone who has tested on the Velodrome or in the wind tunnel will tell you, wasted testing time is wasted money. Too much time between test runs also leads to inaccurate results. It's for this reason that we do not use a client's bike for this service. Only the TriRig Omni's are tested.

Phase 2

After our work is done, we head outside to our test location. One hour of aero testing is included in the service, and this allow plenty of time to test different positions. Our outdoor testing is performed using the AeroLab aero sensor, which calculates your CdA as you ride and includes yaw. No other sensor measures yaw, and it's a vital piece of the aero puzzle. ERO has exclusive access to this sensor which isn't publicly available.

What you receive is absolute confirmation of what position is fastest for you. Beyond that, let's say a position 1cm higher at the aero bar is more comfortable, but less aero. You'll be armed with the information of just how much you're giving up in the higher position. If it's not much, it may well be worth it. You're now making an informed choice.

Additional testing of equipment (helmets, clothing, etc.) is not included in the initial price of the service, but can be added for a modest price.

Price - $799


ERO Dynamic includes the following:

  1. Physical Assessment when indicated including foot structure
  2. Cleat & Shoe Analysis
  3. Optimal Position & Fit Coordinates determined using Dynamic Fit Bike
  4. Detailed explanation of optimal position
  5. Digital Bike Scan
  6. Position Video
  7. 1 Hour of Aero Testing outdoors utilizing our AeroLab aero sensor
  8. Video of your Aero Test Session
  9. Digital scan of final position after testing.

Additional Aero Testing is available at $200 per hour.

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