The Keys to Aero

The Keys to Aero What Makes You Aero? What makes you aero is not always what you might think. Through our years of aero testing we've enlightened the industry on what's a priority aerodynamically, and what is not. Positioning, clothing, helmets, hydration and nutrition placement have all been advanced due in part to ERO Sports making aero test results public. Below we take a look at the keys to being aero. Position is #1   There is simply nothing more important to your aerodynamics than your position. All other things combined won't likely...

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School's In Session with Timothy O"Donnell

School's In Session Timothy O'Donnell When Timothy O'Donnell came into ERO for fit and aero testing, we made one significant change to his position that helped him with comfort, aerodynamics, and power. Could a similar change help you? Find your Spot What is Your Optimal Saddle Position? Are you having trouble finding your "spot" on your bike? That one position where you feel planted, comfortable, and powerful? If so, you're not alone, but just a few adjustments can change everything for you! When T.O. came in for his bike fit, everyone looked at the...

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Is Your Saddle Too High?

School's In Session Saddle Too High? It's a joke on every cycling internet forum, and one of the constant problems we see in the Fit Studio. Why is Saddle Height so difficult to get right? Your Saddle Is Too High! How do You Know If Your Saddle IS Too High? If your saddle is too high, you're giving up power, comfort, and possibly injuring yourself with every pedal stroke you take. Quite often, even saddle pain can be caused by incorrect saddle height. How do you know? Check out the video below, and then take your own video. Make sure your trainer has...

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