Preparing for Your Fit

What to
Expect & Bring


Bring the Right Equipment

Thank you for booking your appointment with ERO Sports. The following is what you'll need to bring to your fit session.   You should think of your fit session as a workout, because you'll spend quite a bit of time "riding" on a stationary trainer and likely riding outside as well if possible.  Come ready! Here's what you'll need...

  1. Your Bike
  2. Cycling Clothing
    1. Cycling Bibs or Shorts (please no loose shorts. Tights or other clothing that extends below the knee is also not desirable)
    2. Cycling Jersey or Tech T-Shirt
    3. Socks if you typically wear them while riding.
  3. Cycling Shoes (if you have them)
  4. Helmet
  5. Water Bottle/Hydration - your fit will be a work out!
  6. Anything else you would typically need for a ride (flat repair, phone, etc.)


The markers for our motion capture system will not stick to your skin if you do.

Bikepacking bikes
equipment changes

Additional Charges

Typical Add-ons

Your Bike Fit will involve not only changes to your position, but changes to your equipment as well. While we do our best to keep these costs to a minimum, you should expect to change one or all of the following...


It's quite normal to change the length of your stem during your fit to achieve proper reach, which is imperative for your comfort.


Saddle comfort is absolutely essential for your bike to fit you properly. We have several demo saddles for you to try during your fit session.


Improper width bars are one of the most common causes of discomfort. We utilize a sizing bar to find your perfect width.

Wedges, shims, and Insoles

Proper foot support is another essential piece of your overall fit. Without it, you can experience foot pain or numbness, knee pain, hip pain, and lower back pain.

Bikepacking Gear
What's Your Problem?

Know what ails you

Prior to your fit appointment, try to pay attention to the pains and discomforts you feel while riding. The more you can communicate to us, the better we'll be able to help you solve the issues that are keeping you from your best performance. Below are some areas to consider. Remember...there's no such thing as normal pain!


Do your toes go numb? Both feet or just one foot? Little toes? Big Toes? Across your entire forefoot? Do you get hotspots under your feet?


Do you feel knee pain? If so, where on your knee does it hurt? Is it one knee or both knees? Does the pain occur every time you ride, or is it more evident when your ride harder or do more hill climbing?

Hips or Lower Back

Do you experience pain in either your hips or lower back? One side versus the other? Do feel the pain more when you're riding harder or hill climbing?


Do your hands go numb or become painful while riding? Is it one hand or both hands?

Shoulders, Neck, Upper Back

Do you experience pain or tension in your shoulders, neck or upper back?


Do you feel pain, or are you going numb from your saddle? Saddle discomfort is often a combination of the wrong saddle for you and your position. What you're feeling and where on your saddle you're feeling it helps us determine what the problem might be.

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