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As Indoor Cycling grows in popularity, it's become increasingly important to insure your bike fits you properly to get the most out of your training and reduce injury. ERO comes TO YOUR HOME to fit you properly to your indoor bike!

Why it's Important


Indoor Cycling from home has become increasingly popular both with traditional cyclists & multi-sport athletes, and non-cyclists seeking a great workout experience. From 30 minutes to several hours, the workouts can be intense so correct positioning on the bike becomes extremely important. If you want to get the most out of your efforts, your body needs to be operating as efficiently as possible.

Comfort Equals Power

There's no such thing as "normal pain" when it comes to cycling. Your knees, back, feet, arms, shoulders and, yes, your saddle (are you listening ladies?), should all feel good. If you're not comfortable, you're not getting the most out of your workout. Pain is your body telling you something is wrong. Ignore it, and your performance will suffer. Ignore the wrong pains, and injuries will follow. A good fit will allow you to complete your efforts pain free both during and after your workouts.

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In-Home Bike Fit

We Come To You!

Our Indoor Cycling fits are conducted in-home. We come to you! We utilize Retul 3D Motion Capture Technology, which is quite portable and sets up in minutes. Motion Capture allows us to measure your joint angles while you're pedaling your bike, which is key to finding your optimal position.

Depending on the type of Indoor Cycling you do, we cater the fit to meet your needs. A Peloton type bike, for instance, is a different fit than the new Smart Bikes that are coming to market. With Peloton, or similar "spin" bikes, you're typically taking an online class. This is generally a more upright position than a regular road position, which Smart Bikes are meant to replicate. Whatever your need, we make sure you're comfortable, powerful, and ready to work out!

Smart Bikes are here! These bikes are specifically made for indoor cycling and are highly adjustable. They're not only made to replicate riding on the road, they're made to match your road or Tri position. We come into your home to get your position perfect, so you get the most from your training.

Smart Bikes

Free In-Home Fits!

They're finally here! The next generation of at home training for cyclists and multi-sports athletes is ready to take your training to a whole new level. These smart bikes are highly adjustable and allow us to mimic your current position down to the millimeter. Beyond that, you can quickly make position changes to see how they feel before making the same adjustments on your racing or training bike.

These bikes are compatible with Zwift, TrainerRoad, and most other cycling apps. They shift gears, have adjustable cranks lengths, and can accept aero bars with ease.

The best part is, if you purchase a smart bike from ERO Sports, we deliver it to your home, build it, and fit it to you for FREE!

  • Wahoo Kickr Bike


  • Tacx Neo Bike


  • Stages Smart Bike


Tour and Stopovers

Price - $199


All fits are conducted using Retul 3D Motion Capture Technology and include:

  1. Pre-Fit Assessment
  2. Cleat Placement
  3. 3D Motion Capture
  4. Marking of all positions for easy replication
  5. Fit Report detailing all measurements

Includes all stationary bikes including Spin Bikes, Peloton, and Smart Bikes not purchased through ERO Sports. Does not included fitting regular bicycles - this service is for stationary bikes only. Available in Southern California and Pennsylvania. Additional charge for some areas due to extended travel.

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