Remote Bike Fit

No matter what your location, this is your chance to be fit by the same people who fit many of the top athletes in the world! Any type of bike including Peloton or other Indoor Cycling bikes can be fit for better comfort and performance. One of the biggest requests we get is now available to everyone!

Can a Remote Fit Work?


Fitting a bike from afar is quite a bit different than fitting one in person but we've found great success conducting online, or remote, bike fits.

Like our in-person fits, we begin with assessing your current position. Videos are submitted for analysis, and an evaluation is put together explaining what is good about your position and what can be improved. You receive a video-based analysis with these observations and suggested changes for correction. Once those changes are made, you'll be riding more comfortably and get a better workout!

Is it as good as our in-person fits? No, we would never make that claim. Nothing beats coming into our world-class facility and going through our entire fit process. Still, our Remote Fit Service can get you much of the way there, and it's convenience can't be beat.

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Two Services Available

We offer two separate services:

Fit Evaluation

The Fit Evaluation is a single video-based analysis of your bike position - a quick assessment of both what is right, and what is not. Suggestions for changes are made to help you improve your comfort and performance.

Complete Bike Fit

The Complete Online Bike Fit includes 3 separate video-based sessions of detailed analysis and recommendations for changes to your position. Each session builds upon another providing you with insight into your position, and instructions to help you get more power, more comfort, and better overall performance. You'll receive instructions on how to make the necessary changes including any equipment changes that you may need.

The video is an example of an Initial Fit Evaluation. This particular evaluation is is for a full fit, so includes the first recommendations for changes to be made.

Perfect for Indoor Cycling!


Indoor Cycling from home has become increasingly popular both with traditional cyclists & multi-sport athletes, and non-cyclists seeking a great workout experience. From 30 minutes to several hours, the workouts can be intense so correct positioning on the bike becomes extremely important. If you want to get the most out of your efforts, your body needs to be operating as efficiently as possible.

Comfort Equals Power

There's no such thing as "normal pain" when it comes to cycling. Your knees, back, feet, arms, shoulders and, yes, your saddle (are you listening ladies?), should all feel good. If you're not comfortable, you're not getting the most out of your workout. Pain is your body telling you something is wrong. Ignore it, and your performance will suffer. Ignore the wrong pains, and injuries will follow. A good fit will allow you to complete your efforts pain free both during and after your workouts.


Fit Evaluation - $100

Complete Fit - $250

Additional assessments billed at $75 each.

For a more personal fit experience, Zoom calls can be used to conduct analysis and fit adjustments live. Each session last 1 hour and are performed after the initial analysis has been completed so the time is well spent refining smaller adjustments. Zoom sessions $95 per hour.


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