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23 World Champions, Numerous Olympic, National, and Grand Tour Champions. All have one thing in common...they sought out ERO founder Jim Manton to conduct their aero positioning. For those serious about their performance and who want to be sure they're in the very best position possible, Jim Manton's Signature Aero Fit provides anyone with his unparalleled expertise creating the ultimate combination of power, speed and aerodynamics.

Ultimate Optimization


"...no matter what work is done indoors, you will ride differently outdoors."

Often referred to as the best fitter in the world, Jim Manton moves you beyond the static environment of the Fit Studio to quantify the changes to your position in the real world. By allowing you to feel position changes as you ride, and measuring the aerodynamic differences those changes are making, he can take any guesswork out of your fit and be sure it what's best for you.

For decades, bike fits have been conducted inside bike shops or fit studios either on a fit bike, or with your bike on a stationary trainer. Neither the process nor the equipment used has changed much in that time. It's fine, many people have been fit quite well this way, but no matter what work is done indoors, you will ride differently outdoors. For aero positioning, each change to your position can alter your comfort, power, and the aerodynamic drag from both you and your equipment. Only ERO can offer the unique knowledge and equipment necessary to measure and quantify position changes in a real world environment.

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How it works

A New Level of Bike Fit

A Signature Fit takes the athlete through a process of discovering their optimal position by analyzing, altering, and then quantifying each change to assure comfort, power, and aerodynamics are achieved.


Prior to your appointment, a Pre-Fit Questionnaire will be sent to you and a phone or Zoom call will be set. This allows us to identify your needs and desired outcome and begin the preparation process which sometimes necessitates the need to procure equipment or parts.

Bike Fit

During your Fit, an analyzation of your position is conducted in our Los Angeles-based Fit Studio (or Online when warranted) to identify possible areas of improvement many of which are tested on our Dynamic Fit Bike. Custom Insoles will also be molded at this time.

Field Testing

Once we're out in the field, each position change is evaluated at race pace for comfort and power while simultaneously aero tested to determine the improvement, or detriment, in drag. Realtime results are provided and decisions for further changes can be made on the spot. There's really nothing quite like it anywhere in the world. It's truly the best way to determine your optimal position and only ERO has the equipment, and know-how, to bring this type of service to market.

Technology has progressed to the point where each change to your position can now be quickly and easily quantified and evaluated for it's comfort, power, and effectiveness. This is the future of Bike Fit.

Jim Manton, ERO Sports


Essential to our ability to offer the Signature Aero Fit is our access to the AeroLab AeroPro sensor. One of two sensors in the world capable of measuring wind speed with yaw (wind angle), ERO is the only North American user of the sensor which is otherwise not publicly available.

The AeroPro allows us to measure your aerodynamic drag as you ride in real world conditions. This provides the most accurate means of measuring your actual performance the way you naturally ride/race.

The ability to measure not only wind speed, but yaw as well, is one of the keys to the AeroPro's accuracy. Yaw effects your overall drag number and must be accounted for during aero testing. Without this essential data, your results cannot be guaranteed as reliable.

Beyond drag measurement, the AeroPro also allows us to calculate rolling resistance of your tires as well as changes to drivetrain resistance leading to further speed gains.

With all the hours of aero testing we conducted in the run up to the most recent Olympic Games in the wind tunnel, velodrome, and outdoors, it was the AeroLab sensor that proved most accurate in predicting performance.

Additional Aero Testing

Aero Test Your Equipment

Additional Aero Test time can be purchased at $299 per 2 hour session (normally $699). After finding your best position, it's time to test your equipment, clothing, helmets, optimal tire pressure, drivetrain resistance, and more.


Clothing is one of the best ways to find more speed. It can make a bigger difference than your frame, wheels, or any other part of your setup. Yes, you read that correctly, clothing is a huge potential gain. How it's designed and how it fits you can have a massive impact on your overall drag. Testing different skin or tri suits is a must.


Aero helmets can definitely improve your overall drag, but the wrong helmet, no matter it's design, can actually slow you down. How a helmet performs on you can be completely different than another athlete. How it fits to you and how it directs airflow around your head and down your back in your optimal position will determine it's effectiveness. Want to know the fastest helmet for you? You need to test to find out.

Rolling Resistance and Drivetrain Losses

Did you know the AeroLab technology we use for aero testing can be utilized to measure both the rolling resistance of your tires as well as drivetrain gains or losses from chains or other equipment changes? Do you want to answer, once and for all, what your ideal tire pressure is? Would you like to test a waxed chain to determine it's effectiveness? These are all possible areas of improvement, and we can quantify these gains and losses for you.

Hydration/Nutrition Setup

A lot of attention has been focused on where to put your water bottles, nutrition, and even tools. Many of the newer bikes come with built-in storage for all these things to help aerodynamically. But it's not just where you place these items, it's how you use them. Just because something is in the most aero spot on your bike doesn't mean it's overall the best aero choice. If you're forced to reach behind you over and over again throughout your event to get a bottle, for instance, you may be hurting your overall aerodynamic numbers by breaking your aero position too often. We can help with these decisions so you can place your needed items in the most efficient places on your bike. Armed with the data, you'll be able to make sound choices that have a positive impact on your overall performance.

Useful Information

Price - $999

  1. In-Studio (or Online) Fit utilizing motion capture technology (3 Hours)
  2. Custom Retul Insoles
  3. In-Field Position Change Evaluation
  4. 2 Hours of In-Field Aero Testing
  5. Fit and Aero Test Report including drag & time savings calculations as well as memorialization of fit coordinates.

Additional Aero Test Time (2 Hours) - $299

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