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When the clock is your enemy, we're your best friend. 21 World Champions and counting. Record holders, Olympians, National Champions, and countless age-group champions around the globe. Why do the very best choose ERO? Because we've had unprecedented success getting the most out of athletes. We understand the balance between aero and the ability to produce power. We understand fast.

Time Trial - The Race of Truth



The Time Trial. The clock is your adversary and you push as hard as you can to beat it to the finish line. It's a brutal and lonely effort that forces you to concentrate on power while maintaining your aero position. Why do so many elite athletes choose ERO to get the best out of their position and themselves?

ERO understands that to be at your fastest you need to find the balance between aero and power. If you simply look at aero numbers alone, and focus solely on the lowest drag number, you'll very well find yourself off the podium. Not willing to give up 5 watts of power for 25 watts in drag savings? Then you, too, will likely not make it to the top step. It's about finding the balance. Producing maximum power in an aero position you can maintain is essential to performing your best. We work with you to find both. We listen, we adjust, and we test to verify.

ERO is unique in that we have technology no one else in North America has. Yes, we use Retul 3D Motion Capture during the fit process, but we also have the ability to test the aerodynamics of your position in real time using both Alphamantis and AeroLab technologies. So, whether you want to test on the velodrome, as so many great champions have, or test outdoors with our AeroLab aero stick, as so many are beginning to do, we have you covered.

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  • Danny Martinez

Are you Aero?

Knowledge Through Testing

In 2012, ERO began changing the entire bike fit landscape with aero testing using the Alphamantis Track Aero System. For the first time, long held, or newly found, aero secrets were made available to all athletes, and testing bikes while they were being ridden revealed secrets wind tunnels couldn't provide. Sleeved skin suits, aero helmets, new positions which were both more comfortable and aero...all these and many more became commonplace because of ERO.

With all the aero testing we conduct on both pro athletes and age-groupers, we've gained unequaled knowledge about what is, and isn't, aerodynamic. It's true that much of what works aerodynamically is quite individual and needs to be tested, but there's still quite a bit we know to be universal when it comes to helping our clients get faster. We can't help but bring this insight into the fit studio, and our clients are the benefactors as they receive fittings which go beyond what anyone else can offer.

Combined with all this knowledge is the ability to test each athlete aerodynamically to identify exactly what position change, or equipment swap, is fastest. No one else can do what we do because no one else has access to the technology we do. We bring everything we know, and every bit of technology at our disposal, to optimize you like never before.

I just wanted to let you know that I just got done at the wind tunnel with my team and they said my position was spot on and I have some of the lowest drag numbers they've seen so I just wanted to thank you for being awesome at what you do and getting me set up so well!

Brandon McNulty - Junior World Time Trial Champion
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Price: $350 - $425


The Time Trial Bike Fit includes the following:

  1. Physical Assessment when indicated including foot structure
  2. Cleat & Shoe Analysis
  3. Optimal Position & Fit Coordinates determined using Dynamic Fit Bike
  4. Detailed explanation of optimal position
  5. Digital Bike Scan
  6. Position Video
  7. Two Free Follow-ups within 45 days of bike purchase
  8. 15% off any parts necessary to complete your fit

21 World Champions & Counting

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